Monday, October 14, 2013

Heart Bead

Weave such as hearts for photos is easy. heart bead can be used as a key chain, pendant, or as an element of interior design. As well it can be a wonderful gift favorite for Valentine's Day or just an expression of your feelings dear man. 

I offer you a master class presented work.

For that you will need : 

• Beads for weaving hearts (large) 
• Beads for decoration to your taste 
• The line thickness of 0.18 mm or 0.20 mm 
thin needle • 
• Satin ribbon, chain for decoration

Making such a heart is based on the technique of "square plait" or "square column." The main element is similar to a cube.

Weave a column length of 15 blocks. In the process of weaving to keep the tension on the fishing line to the bars do not get too sluggish. 
Under the "right angle" weave a column length of 14 blocks.

Length of the sides should be the same, but we must take into account that the first and last blocks are common and one cube is obtained by connecting the elements.

Have a "right angle" so that he looked in our direction. 

We turn to the ends of the bars themselves, bringing them together and sew a "right angle". It turned out heart. For the strength of his heart and go through additional beads. 

Beads can be of a different color and slightly larger in size than the basic, then they will be an additional decorated with hearts. To give a special effect, you can replace beads - logging. Then the heart is mysterious gleam and look even more elegant. If in the process of weaving strands yet received a "sluggish", and in turn shape of a heart turned a bit stretched, it does not matter! You can pull the heart scaffold, strung them on her beads and beads. This does not only make the heart more "heart", but also to become another decoration to the heart.

Weave a heart can be considered complete. And then it can dream up! Heart decorated with ribbons or a chain.

I call your attention to the work with two hearts - Valentine "You and I".Hearts are weaved in different colors according to the presented scheme.For decoration, the fortress used heart beads and beads of a different color or colors from which other woven heart. Legalize ready valentine ribbon.With ribbons sewn hearts, for convenience you can fill with a ribbon in a wide needle. The tips of the ribbons can be arranged in a heart-shaped beads or crystals, or a cube on 4 beads. The result was a wonderful gift!

By Anna

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